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It is our long-term pursuit to have the artistichouse.

The perfect combination of vogue elements anddelicate essence displays the uncommon and artisticsense.

We can remember all the happy snippet in theelegant space, which can let us taste them slowly in the leisuretimes.

The spirit longing for nature becomes quiet inevery dusk, listening to the sound of nature from every corneraround with the symphony of heart.

The feeling of freedom comesfrom the deep heart. Staying in the perfect space, all the emotionis flying the imagination kingdom.

Simplicity has an original andmysterious beauty, which is true and free, without anydecorations.

The perfect visual feeling ofhouse is full of energy, just like angels flying in the air and thesun.

48 渴望心与自然的距离一再接近,渴望自然的拥抱,在它温柔的气息里慢慢沉醉。
Wish the distance of heart andnature more and more close, wish to be embraced by nature, where wecan be drunk in its warm atmosphere slowly.

49 清枫的世界宛若一个艺术的殿堂,将所有与艺术有关的因子细心珍藏。
The world of Plain Maple isjust like an artistic museum, where we can treasure all the thingsabout art carefully.

50 宁静而高贵的色彩,散发着木质的芬芳,将自然的传说写进心的家园。
Quiet and noble colors aregiving out fragrance of wood, which brings talesabout nature to the house of heart.

51 细腻的线条,优雅的结构,塑造不同一般的居室美感。
The exquisite lines and elegantstructures form the uncommon beauty of house.

Considering the function andcomfort, special and humanistic structure will make you indulge inthe leisure and enjoyment without any tiring feeling.

Slight fragrance is floating inthe air, misty light is flowing in the space, so we will beembraced in the poetic space in every gentle moment.

Art and life has the samesource, interacting freely with no hindrance, ourmind is just like this.

Tasting the unlimited wildpeace in the city is the most popular comfort.

56 追求美感的本身亦是一种非凡的享受,因为这中间包含着我们创造性的发现。
The progress of purchasingbeauty can become a kind of extraordinary enjoyment because itincludes our creative discovery.

Today, the humanistic care areturning to nature, which is relax yourselves completely in your ownspace, escaping from the disturbance of the outer world.

Pure but delicate, simple buthappy, bright but colorful. In fact our life can break off all thenoise as this, and reach a spiritual state.

We are considering the depth oflife with art, trying to perform more humanistic care with theartistic meaning.

60 对于线条和光的运用,我们一直谨慎把握,力争从每个角度体现不同的结构美。
Regard to the application oflines and light, we always hold it carefully and try to display theaesthetic feeling of structure from every angle.

External quality combining withinherent grace, the fashionable taste are perfectlydisplayed.

Lingering in our own room, weoften forget time and season, only remember the gentle moment,which can quickly disappear.

We are looking for the new expression of life andart, trying to turn the abstractive beauty intothe concrete things.

Although perfection isdifficult to realize, but we always take it as our spiritualpursuit and even a belief.

Smooth white maple wood, with delicate appendix,appears graceful, healthy and natural characteristics, fullyexpress the poetic style of modern living.

The feelings and mood are thickat every moment in the day time, which need more deposition andconsonance, letting us taste blessedness and happiness.

No matter how vagabond ourheart are, there are always some things on which we can land,wishing the truest bailment at the moment when missing ispassing.

The changes of life style canbe shown brightly and perfectly here, all colors can be brandishedcompletely here too.

Living room is an architecturewhich can not only meet the basic need of life, but can enjoynature adequately.

All breaths are changed intothe silent things which grow stealthily in the deep memory. Allthese are so simple and poetry, harmonious and kindly.

Close your eyes, look for aforest, a place full of sunshine and poetic conception around withlake, greenbelt, which can seclude yourself from the crowded peopleand city, and all the tumult.

We only need one excuse toavoid the disturbance around, forgetting all the specialmanagement, and holding some clear and peace in theworld.

Elegant, unique, simple andpractical. The designers hope to decorate your peaceful space witha kind of perfect poetic thought.



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